Did you know the adult obesity rate is 41.9% and the child obesity rate is 19.7% in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC)? Did you know that obesity-related diseases can be reversible and treatable without medications? Did you know that healthcare professionals (HCP) are more likely to experience burnout than any other profession, according to the CDC? Have you heard of Lifestyle Medicine and how it can be a solution for burnout? Do you wonder how people turn their lives around and how you can do the same?

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In this book, you’ll discover:

In this book, you’ll read deeply personal stories from 33 board-certified Lifestyle Medicine physicians about how they are changing their lives and the lives of their patients using the six pillars of health with Lifestyle Medicine. You’ll discover narratives about these physicians' life-changing events like chest pain, infertility, loss of loved ones, COVID, immune deficiency, alopecia, burnout, and much more, along with how the events were catalysts for their health transformations.

Rising rates of obesity and their related metabolic illnesses of diabetes, hypertension, stroke, dementia, and autoimmune disease are on the rise in the United States right when physician burnout is at an all-time record high. Lifestyle Medicine could be the perfect catalyst for change in a failing healthcare system. A movement of physicians is bringing back the focus to lifestyle medicine and prevention, and it has already proven to improve the lives of these physicians and their countless patients.

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